10 Perennial Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

10 Perennial Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Perennials are plants that return each year and live for more than two years. They have deep extended roots that easily access vital nutrients which aid them in extending their plant life. Perennial plants are a great sustainable option for those who do not like planting new plants every now and then. As compared to other plants, perennials offer more benefits such as:

  • Long life span
  • Require very little care
  • Are hardy and resistant to diseases and pests
  • Easily adapt to different garden conditions
  • Do not spread when planted and can thrive and bloom even when planted in a group


10 Perennial Plants You Can Grow In Your Garden


Here at Kel Lake Garden Centre, we professionally advise on a wide choice of perennial flowers you can choose from to suit your garden, regardless of the different elements it is exposed to, such as dry, wind, shade, or sunny conditions. Some of the perennial plants you can plant in your garden include:


The name Daylily came about due to the nature of its flowers which are short-lived and live for just one day. Despite this, the perennial is a vibrant species and can produce 200-400 colorful blooms every month making it a beautiful addition to the garden. The flowers come in shades of gold, yellow, orange, pink, and red. The Daylily has dense and shallow roots and does well in moist soil. Though it prefers sunny spots, it can also do well in frost-like conditions.

Russian Sage

The Russian Sage is a tall perennial plant that grows in clusters similar to spikes. During summer, the plant features tiny and plenty of flowers that are lavender-blue in color with a wonderful fragrance. The Russian Sage thrives in full sun conditions and has a high tolerance for wind, heat, drought, and infertile soil. It can grow up to 5 feet tall and can be great for any garden due to its easy care and adaptability to different conditions. 


The Coneflower is a much-loved perennial that can grow 2-4 feet tall. It is similar to the daisy due to its bright flowers that come in different colors such as red, pink, white, and purple. The plant has a good tolerance level to drought conditions and requires little care once it has established. Not only does it add beauty to gardens, but the coneflower is also known for its medicinal value. If you love songbirds, The Coneflower will be the perfect choice for you as it is known to attract them wherever it is planted. 

Black-Eyed Susan

The Black-Eyed Susan is a colorful perennial plant that will add brightness to your garden with its yellow and orange flowers. It is a very unique plant as it self sows by producing hundreds of seedlings that grow into plants. To ensure that your garden remains neat and that the plants grow well free from diseases, make sure you remove the extra plants. 

English Lavender

The English lavender is greatly appreciated for its aromatic value. Its purple flowers when dried are used for their soothing fragrance inside the house. This fragrance is also great for the garden as it keeps different pests away. The English Lavender does well in dry conditions, and To extend its blooming period, get rid of the wilted flower stalks. 


Commonly known as Sage, Salvia is a sun-loving perennial that thrives in heat. Salvia also requires well-drained soil that is slightly moistured to grow well. It blooms in different hues such as blue, pink, or light purple making it a colorful addition to the garden. There is an annual version of the Salvia and the difference in these plants is that the annual Salvia has red flowers. 


Just like Salvia, the Peony is a perennial plant that thrives in sunny climates. To flower as they should, the peonies need to be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours every day. They bloom beautifully during springtime and will fill your garden with red, yellow, pink, and white flowers. Due to their pleasant fragrance and colorful blooms, the peonies are a much-loved cut flower. They require little maintenance and once established they can flower for many years to come. Some varieties of peonies are known to live for a century.

Yellow Alyssum

Commonly referred to as the basket-of-gold, the Yellow Alyssum is a unique plant that grows low in a mat-like nature forming a flowering ground cover. For it to thrive it needs well-drained soil and little watering. Bright yellow flowers bloom during spring making it a perfect spread to cover bare spaces in your garden. For care, the plant should be cut after blooming to ensure that its shape is maintained. 


The Yarrow is a wild perennial known for its wide blooms that appear as tight groups of tiny flowers. The flowers which bloom during summer appear in yellow, orange, red or pink shades. There are different varieties of yarrow which normally grow 1 to 3 feet tall such as the common yarrow and the golden yarrow. The Yarrow thrives in full sun and well-drained soil but has a high tolerance for drought conditions. 


Shasta Daisy

The Shasta Daisy has the common daisy look that features bright flowers with white petals around yellow centers. The plants which grow 1 to 3 feet tall are a beauty to behold when they bloom in late spring to fall. Shasta Daisies grow fast and thrive in sunny conditions, though they can grow well also in partial shade spots. 

Best Time To Plant Perennials

The recommended season to plant the perennials is during Spring and Fall. By doing so, the plant will get ample time before the hot summer or harsh winter to establish itself in the soil. Fall is better than summer as the soil is much warmer during fall, and you will not be required to water as much as during summer. 


Tips On Choosing Perennial Plants

  • When selecting perennial plants, get the ones that are native to Kelowna. This is because the native plants will thrive with the climate and soil. 
  • If you want a colorful garden full of blooms most of the year, research the bloom seasons of the plants you are interested in so that you can design your garden and enjoy the long flowering season each year from spring to fall.

With perennials, you are promised a colorful and bright garden for many years. If you are not sure of the best perennial plants you can have in your garden, contact Kelowna’s Kel Lake Garden Centre for professional information on the plants that are right for you and guarantee your success in making them bloom!

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