Best Garden Plants To Start Indoors

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Best Garden Plants To Start Indoors

The Best Garden Plants That You Can Start Indoors and Later Transplant Outdoors

Nothing can describe that awesome feeling one always gets upon seeing their little backyard garden bloom with fresh, organic veggies, healthy herbs, and beautiful flowers. The hard work that goes into planting, watering, and taking great care of the little farm is handsomely paid by the joy of seeing the plants grow.

Being a smart gardening lover is a region with a pleasant climate and perfect conditions like Kelowna, the “great valley,” growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers is a breeze. It is one of the few zones with one of the best summers to grow plants.

Summer gardening starts indoors, in spring!

Unfortunately, it isn’t always rosy. In a region that always experiences extreme weather conditions, at least in a year, a little piece of ingenuity always helps. One has to grow them indoors and later transfer them to an outdoor garden.

Savvy home gardeners always think ahead

To get ready for summer growing, they start in spring and plant indoors. And they grow commonly consumed veggies, sometimes even without the special greenhouse conditions and maintain a year-round supply of tasty vegetables.

If you are a novice gardener, a small-space dweller or a houseplants’ champ, the following plants are good to start with. Remember, all you need are some soil and a planter near a good source of light!

  1.   Fuchsia

Grow this ornamental plant indoors and its beautiful purple, pink, and white flowers will keep your living room looking spectacular. Don’t forget to place them somewhere with good sunlight and adequate water, preferably in a greenhouse-like space.

  1.   Broccoli and Cauliflower

A gardening lovers power combo, these two do well indoors. They will start their growth in a confined space in a closed room and shoot to the right age for transplanting. One cool thing about them, according to the findings from some of the leading garden centres, is how they are resilient to the limited conditions indoors. They also are extremely easy to transplant and only need a couple of days to grow again once they are outdoors.

  1.   Kales and Cabbages

No two twin vegetables possibly do well both indoors and outdoors more than these two. In fact, in this category, they both are the best since they normally have a longer growing season of developing indoors ahead of being transplanted.

Cabbages can stay in the nursery for 4-6 weeks – a perfect moment to wait until the harshness outdoors is over. Kales only need at least three, and that means you can grow them indoors, a few weeks before the last frost.

Kel Lake Garden Centre - Best Garden Plants

  1.   Jasmine

As you wait for the conditions outdoors to improve, you won’t grow veggies alone. Jasmine is one fantastic pick, and all it will only need are indirect light and little watering. The fragrance its flowers give is out of this world!

  1.   Peppers

Not all vegetables do well outdoors right after the punishing summer heat starts to reduce. In Kelowna’s Kel Lake Garden Centre, pepper is one of the few that thrive in hot weather. In fact, planting right before summer and transplanting at the height of the terrible temperatures is still good.

  1.   Lettuce

There’s no way you are going to miss your favourite plate of salad because it’s winter. And even without a greenhouse, you can germinate them indoors and only move to an outdoor garden during the late weeks of spring.

  1.   Tomatoes

It would be a crime to order tomatoes seedling from a grocer in winter when you can juggle and grow some indoors. Even an expert from a local garden centre will tell you how easy it is to start their growth indoors. It is also an open secret that tomatoes are among the easiest to transplant.

Other indoor plants that you can transplant

Try your hands on beets, celery, cucumber, and eggplant. Basil, rosemary, lemongrass and parsley can also survive indoors until the conditions outdoors improve. As for the flowers, Geranium is an easy pick too. There’s a lot you could learn by simply visiting reputable garden centres like Kel Lake Garden Centre.

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