DIY Ways To Work On Your Garden Design

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DIY Ways To Work On Your Garden Design

With more of us staying at home during the past year, many of us have turned our attention to how to improve our home and garden design. Whether you have a sprawling green on your lake country house, or a smaller backyard in an urban setting, maintaining a garden can take a lot of work, so it is always great to look for advice. Whether you are a gardening guru or a total newbie, if you are looking for some great DIY tips on how to care for and improve your garden, then look no further. We have pulled together some simple and easy garden hacks to help, so grab those gardening gloves and jump in.

Recycle Your Eggshells

Some of the best DIY hacks use objects that we already have in the house. Eggshells are usually just thrown in the bin but do not waste them! Adding broken eggshells to your garden or greenhouse works as free fertilizer and compost, allowing your plants to flourish. They will also stop cats from stomping all over your garden. All you have to do is rinse the shells and break them up before scattering them around your plants and flowers – it couldn’t be easier.

Make A DIY Watering Can

If you are a novice gardener and do not have any supplies, you don’t need to splash out on expensive tools when beginning your garden design. Instead, keep a plastic milk carton after you use it and transform it into a makeshift watering can. Pierce or drill holes into the plastic lid of the carton and fill it with water and you are good to go. If you find yourself using this often, you may then want to consider investing in the tools. Kel Lake Garden Centre in Kelowna in the heart of the lake country has a great range of tools and staff that will be able to advise you on the best tools for the job.

Use Ice Cream Cones To Grow Seeds

A great environmentally friendly way to start growing seeds is by using an ice cream cone instead of a plastic container. Cut off the bottom of the cone and plant them into the soil, with the seeds inside them. The cone will act as a warm sleeping bag for the fragile seeds where you do not have a greenhouse. The cone will break down over time, leaving no plastic waste.

Use Coffee Filters In Your Plant Pots

Another household object in your home that you may be throwing away is coffee filters. These can however be put to good use in your plant pots to help with drainage issues. Many large planters have drainage holes on the bottom that lead to spills and stains on your patio or greenhouse floor. By lining your pots with coffee filters, only the water will escape through the filter, leaving any soil in the pot, making far less mess!

Kel Lake Garden Centre - Garden-Hacks

Add Some Spice To Your Seeds

If you have any cinnamon lying around, great use for it will be adding it to your seedlings. This is because spice is a natural fungicide that will help protect your delicate young plants from harmful diseases that could kill them. As well as sprinkling it on the seeds in the soil, you can also mix it with water and pop it in a spray bottle to spray over leaves for extra protection.

Seek Advice From Experts

If you are looking for more expert tips for your garden, seek advice from those who know best! Kel Lake Garden Centre in Kelowna in the heart of the lake country has expert gardeners on hand to answer your every question and give you advice on what plants and flowers to add to your garden so come and visit us today. 

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