Essential Garden Supplies & Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Essential Garden Supplies & Accessories You Can’t Do Without

If you have a garden or are planning to start one, it is crucial to be adequately equipped with the proper gardening tools for the adventurous experience. Garden tools are essential for performing functions such as planting, trimming, digging, removing waste, and weeding. You don’t need much; just a few tools from our Garden Centre will come in handy for all your gardening activities. 

Keeping Your Garden Neat & Attractive

Maintaining your plants and keeping your garden beautiful all year round takes time, consistency, and of course, the right tools. It is almost impossible to create the garden of your dreams and reap from it without working on it. Soil and fertilizer play a significant role, but tools are equally important in maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden.


Pruning Shears

To keep your garden patch neat, you need pruning shears. If left unattended, shrubs, flowers, small trees, and certain plants and fruits would turn into messy and tangled plants. Pruning boosts the healthy growth of plants. Pruners come in different sizes and types. Choose one that will be appropriate for your plants and your needs. A good pair of shears need to have sharp blades that will effectively cut away the dead branches and other minor branches when you need to trim and shape your bushes and shrubs. Plants like rose plants require consistent pruning for a beautiful bloom. Since pruning can be a regular task, choose rust-resistant shears that fit well in your hands and have handles with an easy grip, and are comfortable to use. A pruning saw will be best suited for branches that might be too big to fit into the shears. 


A trowel is a must-have tool for those elaborate and detailed gardening tasks. This hand-held tool comes in handy to help you get your plants and seedlings firmly planted into the soil. The trowel is essential for most gardening tasks, and it can be used to dig small planting holes, transplant, and get rid of weeds with shallow roots. A good trowel should have a firm wooden handle that is non-slip and a strong metal blade. 

Soil Knife

A great alternative to the trowel is a soil knife. This tool is so versatile, making it a must-have for gardeners to perform most functions of other devices. You can use a Soil Knife to remove weeds and rocks, open packets of fertilizer or bags of soil, plant seedlings, and much more. 

Spades & Shovels

Both of these are great for digging, planting trees, breaking, and soil work. While a shovel effectively picks soil, waste up from the garden, and mixing materials like compost up, the spade is excellent for turning soil. To maximize their efficiency and ease of use, make sure that the blades are strong and sharp. 


Apart from clearing up fallen leaves or trimmings, rakes are also great for leveling soil. There are different types of rakes, and they come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. It is advisable to choose a rake that is appropriate for the task at hand. 

Making Gardening Fun & Comfortable

Gardening should not be a dreaded chore. These outdoor moments spent in your garden should be refreshing as well as fun. Kelowna’s Kel Lake Garden Centre will help you achieve this as well as give you inspiration and professional advice on using special pieces of gardening equipment such as:

Kneeling Pads

As much as you may love kneeling and tending to your plants, your knees may get sore after extended hours of kneeling on the ground. A kneeling pad with a foam pad will offer you the much-needed comfort and support to protect your knees when working on your plants. 


Gloves are a necessity when it comes to outdoor activities such as gardening. They offer so much comfort and ease of doing specific gardening tasks. It is good to get your hands dirty working on your garden, but gloves prevent bruises, blisters, and severe cuts, especially when working on heavier duty tasks or with thorny plants such as roses. They also reduce friction when working with tools. 

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