How To Keep Outdoor Plants Alive This Winter

How To Keep Outdoor Plants Alive This Winter

With winter fast approaching, there are some things you can do to help them survive the chilly temperatures. Here are some tips that will help you get started:


1) Make Sure the Plant is Watered and Healthy 

It is a good idea to make sure your plants are well watered and the plant is healthy before the ground freezes. Perennials and flowering shrubs that are watered enough before the freeze will thank you over the winter and take on the cold without flinching.

Like anything in life, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. Make sure the soil is moist and not overwater as that could hinder the plants’ ability to survive the winter.


2) Place Mulch To Prevent Freeze/Thaw

 Adding mulch is another great way to protect your plant from the chilly winter months. 

When you add mulch, you create a shield for the plant and its root system to avoid a dreaded freeze/thaw situation.

The mulch helps to moderate the temperature rather than having numerous freeze-thaw cycles. Mulching will keep the soil moist when desolate winds are whipping around. It will also feed the soil life with nutrients and provide protection for those soil organisms.  We recommend mulching between 2-3” in depth in your garden beds.


3) Cover Plants To Protect Them From The Cold

 Another way to protect your plants for the winter months is by covering them. You can use plant covers designed specifically for this purpose.

 Of course, don’t forget that covering your plants with a cover isn’t the only way to protect them. You can also use upside-down plant containers (with holes in the top). Plant covers are better than blankets or sheets because they’re made out of breathable materials, so they won’t suffocate your plant if it happens to be snowing when you place the cover on top of your plant.


4) Bring Plants Indoors To Maintain Them For Next Year

 If you plan on keeping the same plants when spring comes around, building an indoor container garden is a smart idea. This way, you can maintain your plants in warmth all throughout winter and be sure they’ll make it through the next season. Indoor container gardens are especially helpful if your plants are not hardy enough to survive winter conditions. If you bring your plants indoors, it will provide them with the warmth and shelter necessary for them to live.

 Keep in mind that indoor container gardening isn’t always an option. It only works well if you have a controlled environment to keep your plants in. This is because, once you bring your plant indoors, it will have to adapt to a new environment. If you don’t completely recreate the conditions inside with artificial light and heat, it will be difficult for the plant to thrive and survive.

 However, you can create an indoor garden with just enough heat to prevent freezing and enough light to allow your plant to photosynthesize, it will create a great controlled environment for your plant. Just be sure you add a water source if there isn’t already one in place. When doing indoor container gardening, always remember that your plants need water and fertilizer just like they would outside.

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Want To Enjoy The Same Lush Garden Year After Year?

When it’s winter, it is not always easy to keep outdoor plants alive. The tips in this blog post should help you get started on the right foot, but if you’re looking for more information, give Kel Lake Garden Center a call today! We are currently closed for the seasons so if you email us we can get back to you at our earliest convenience 

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