Tasty Treats: Homegrown Fruit Trees To Grow In Your Backyard

Tasty Treats: Homegrown Fruit Trees To Grow In Your Backyard

In a typical Canadian home setting, gardens often consist of perennials, shrubs, and non-fruit-bearing trees. Landscapes are often a mix of flowers, leaves, rocks, and concrete. All of these components come together to form a unique and beautiful outdoor space, of course. But why not add some homegrown fruit trees to the mix? 

Fruit trees are fairly undemanding and with a little bit of time and effort, you can enjoy fresh fruit at your fingertips. In this article, we’ll take a look at the types of fruit trees that you can grow in your backyard and how to get started. 

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Growing Fruit Trees: A Beginners’ Guide

A garden planting seeds.

Fruit trees are easy to grow, especially if you’ve planted them the right way. Here’s a fruit tree garden startup guide to getting your trees fruitful in the harvest season.

Check the Triple S

Before planting the seeds or transplanting them to a bigger space, make sure to check for:

  • Sunshine – fruit trees flourish when they receive enough sunlight daily. Check if your space receives at least half a day of sunlight.
  • Soil – check if your soil is fertile and properly drains water—wet and poorly drained soil is the enemy of a thriving fruit tree.
  • Spacing – fruit trees will surely take up space when they grow. Ideally, fruit trees should be planted at least 12-14′ from each other.

It’s always important to check all these details before planting the seeds since all of these can affect the taste of the fruits at harvest.

Dig Just Right

Make sure to dig a hole just right for your fruit tree seeds—not too deep and not too shallow. Create a hole that will not fold over the roots and is enough for them to spread out.

Keep Roots Hydrated

Don’t let the roots dry out however, this does not mean that the roots should be drowned. Keep the roots damp, especially if it’s a newly grown one.

Don’t Forget to Mulch

Just like any other plant, mulching is beneficial for fruit trees. Mulching helps keep the roots cool while keeping them moist by trapping the soil moisture.

Fruit Trees to Grow at Home

Fruits are sweeter when you’re the one who grew and took care of it! Here are some popular fruit trees you can start planting at home.


guide to planting apple trees in your backyard:

  1. Wash the seeds.
  2. Place them in a damp towel.
  3. Wrap them in a resealable plastic bag.
  4. Place them in the refrigerator for at least 80 days.
  5. Take them out of the fridge and plant them in a container in a bright spot.
  6. Water the seedlings frequently.
  7. Wait 5-10 years for the tree to produce its first apples!


Lemon Tree

Lemons are easy to grow! Just find a sunny place that can shine a light on your plantlings for about 14 hours a day while considering these tips:

  1. Use a pot with wide-enough drainage holes at the bottom.
  2. Plant the seeds in moist soil. Water it two to three times a week.
  3. Repot your plant when roots start to come out of the pot.


Plum Tree

A close up of the fruits of a plum tree.

Plums are always a sweet addition to your fruit desserts. Plum trees also take up little space, which makes them ideal to plant for most backyards.

Although, they require warm locations and soil that could retain moisture.

Let It Flourish

Fruits are tastier when it is your own harvest and you can assure it grew healthy when you’re the one who grew them. With the proper maintenance, planning, and research, growing a fruit garden will only take a short time.

Fertilizers, pruning, and plant pairing are important to let fruit trees flourish to their full potential. Different plant types have different needs so make sure you review all the requirements for your desired tree before planting them.

If you’re in need of more advice in growing your fruit trees or just need a few more fruit tree suggestions, Kel Lake Garden Centre is the perfect place to be! We are now open for the season so we’re up to assist you with any garden-related queries. Just send us a message or stop by our shop today!

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