Top Garden Trends for 2021

Kel Lake Garden Centre - Top Garden Trends For 2021

Top Garden Trends for 2021

2020 was a year in which life as we knew it turned upside down. Many of us spent more time at home than we usually would and appreciated our gardens, greenhouse, and outdoor spaces more. So, as we move through 2021, what garden trends can you implement in your own home to add a bit of joy to your life? At Kel Lake Garden Centre in Kelowna in the heart of the lake country, gardening is our passion. We have compiled a list of our top garden trends for 2021 to give you some inspiration.

Gardening Sustainably

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of all things eco-friendly, with many encouraging us to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The sustainable gardening movement has grown in popularity and is set to continue in 2021. There are many things that you can do to make your garden more environmentally friendly, from making your own compost, using plant varieties that are native to your area, to conserving water by using plants that rely on less water or are drought tolerant.

Creating Your Own Garden Hideaway

Last year many people used their gardens more often, so this year there is a growing trend in transforming an area of your garden into the ultimate relaxing haven where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Your area should be a quiet corner of your garden that you can escape to for some time to think. Add in a small water feature to hear the trickling sound of nature in the background, and make sure that you are prepared for all weathers, so you can access the hideaway at all times. Add an outdoor fire pit for cold evenings and consider a pergola or shade tree to keep you cool on warm summer days. If you are green-fingered and love to grow your plants, a greenhouse could also be added to this area. In the lake country, Kel Lake Garden Centre in Kelowna has everything that you need to create this haven, and staff that are waiting to help.

Creating Split Levels

One way to split your garden into different areas, while making the most of your outdoor space is to create split levels. This helps those who have uneven gardens, or who live in urban areas which are tighter on space. Adding a split level allows you to use different materials – perhaps adding a wooden deck, raised flower beds, or a sunken patio.

Grow Your Own – In Your Greenhouse or Garden

Using your garden to grow your fruit, vegetables or herbs can be extremely fulfilling. This links with our sustainability trend as growing some of your food allows you to be more self-reliant and may cut costs on your weekly food shop – it’s a win-win situation. The best food to grow in your garden depends on a variety of factors such as your soil type, whether you have a greenhouse, and weather conditions so take note of these before you go shopping for seeds or plants.

Adding Bold Colors

The final garden trends on our list will hopefully brighten your garden and fill your life with positivity – using bold colors. Vibrant flowers are a great way to add different bold shades into your garden from happy yellows, flamboyant pinks, and powerful reds. Choose two or three vivid tones that compliment each other to create a stunning display. A great tip to stop these blooms from looking too much is to only plant them in certain areas, while keeping others green, fresh and plain. Kel Lake Garden Centre in Kelowna in the lake country has a great variety of plants and flowers to choose from to brighten up your garden so visit us today!

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