Urban Gardening In Modern Times

Urban Gardening In Modern Times

Urban Gardening in Modern Times: A Revolution That NOW Demands Your Attention

After seeing several occasional hobby gardeners turn to their humble urban farms for fresh produce, a silent revolution is silently brewing. Fueled by the need to harvest fresh, organically-grown veggies and tend to their favorite potted plants, many are joining the movement.

Inspired by world-class garden centers, these types of Urban Gardeners are emerging in all beautiful, shocking, and spectacular forms. Some are turning to their rooftops, others are utilizing their walls and balconies while some are going for far more unorthodox methods, all for their favorite hobbies.

Urban Gardening isn’t new, but the reasons behind its re-emergence are.

Globally, the roots of urban farming can be traced to New York where garden plots and allotments outside town grew into a trend in the 19th century. Canada’s Kelowna is fast embracing this new trend through, thanks to supremos such as Kel Lake Garden Centre.

Safely grown food, all-year-round

At its core, urban gardens are the oases of fresh and healthy food for urban families. These tiny greenhouses, gardens, and farms give countless individuals the confidence to dine on what’s grown safely and chemicals-free. And that’s one of the reasons behind the growing number of urban farming adherents.

Growing food in a limited space calls for innovation. And seeing how such systems as vertical and rooftop gardening, container gardening, and hydroponic gardening, are proving productive, urban gardening is no longer a pastime. One gets to grow nutritious and mineral-rich heirloom varieties, herbs, and fruits safely at home.

Furthermore, like in a modern garden center, these farms also allow one to diversify with a sea of options to grow food wherever there’s space. They also can’t be exposed to such extreme weather conditions as frost and drought as, with the greenhouse-like conditions, farming is a controlled affair.

Grow beautiful flowers for a sweet, serene ambiance

The boom is also fueled by the need for a unique spark of elegance at home. There are those greenhouse farms and balcony gardens where one also plants beautifully blooming flowers to enhance their interior décor.

Some of the best places to plant flowers in an urban garden are on the walls and fences, where the scented and evergreen Trachelospermum jasminoides can do well. At the basement and on the stairs, ferns can do well, while the brightly colored stems of rainbow chards and climbing French bean, with their beautiful purple flowers and pods, can color an ordinary balcony.

A plethora of approaches

But one great reason why many are rushing for urban gardens is how Kelowna’s Kel Lake Garden Centre makes it trendy. Garden centers highlight a variety of modern approaches customized to beautify and enrich small urban spaces. Theirs are products of ingeniously improvised designs and creative approaches.

One can opt for a community garden-like design, an ultra-modern city farm complete with poultry and animals, and guerrilla gardens. Some even make the farms fully mobile and tech-based, in line with the rapidly changing technological conditions today.

Urban gardening is well worth giving a shot!

And besides, there’s no excuse for not having one. They aren’t expensive to put up and do not even need complex ideas. Top-ranked garden centers like Kelowna’s Kel Lake Garden Centre are always at hand to help.

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